EGIT531 Special Topics in Information Technology II (Semester 1/2018)

Human Resources Analytics

Description This course will provide overview of database system and its further extension including:
  • Human Resources Management Fundamentals
  • Fundamental and Practical Descriptive Analytics
  • Fundamental and Practical Predictive Analytics
  • Diversity Analytics
  • Employee Attitude Surveys- Engagement Analytics
  • Workforce Perceptions Analytics
  • Employee Turnover Prediction
  • Predicting Employee Performance
  • Recruitment Analytics
  • Monitoring the Impact of Interventions
  • Review and evaluate ethical principles



[EDW] Predictive HR Analytics: Mastering the HR Metric by Martin R. Edwards, Kirsten Edwards

[FIT] The New HR Analytics: Predicting the Economic Value of Your Company's Human Capital Investments by Jac Fitz-enz

Asst.Prof.Sotarat Thammaboosadee, Ph.D. [ST]
Office: R303
e-mail: /
Lect. Rojjalak Chukpaiwong [RC]
Office: R304
Teaching Assistance
Suchittra Pongpisutsopa [SP]
Class Schedule Semester1/2018 Saturday 9.00-12.00
Prerequisite EGIT544 Organizational Behavior and Organizational Development
EGIT563 Data Mining
Tools Microsoft Excel
RapidMiner Studio
Tableau Desktop

Tentative Course Schedule
Week Date Lectures Instructors Reading / Discussion Remark
- 11-Aug-18 **Mother day**
1 18-Aug-18  Course Introduction ST & RC Case1 [Questions for Case1] [BSC for TSM]  
- 25-Aug-18 ***Wai kru***
2  1-Sep-18 Quick Overview: Human Resources Management (Part1 / Part2) RC & SP TBA AA1
3 9-Sep-18 Understanding HR Analytics ST [EDW]-Chapter 1  
4 15-Sep-18 Quick Introduction: Statistical and Descriptive Analytics ST [EDW]-Chapter 2&3  
5 22-Sep-18 Quick Introduction: Predictive Analytics ST TBA Data: Employee Attrition
6  29-Sep-18 Employee Diversity, Attitude, and Engagement RC [EDW]-Chapter 4&5 AA2
Case2: Changing Landscape of HCM
Case2: UWES
7 6-Oct-18

Diversity Analytics, Employee Attitude Surveys- Engagement, and Workforce Perceptions

ST [EDW]-Chapter 4&5 WS1, Assign PR1 and RW1
-  13-Oct-18

**Passing of His Majesty the Late King**

8 20-Oct-18 Research Presentation I & Paper#1 Submission ST&RC - PR1 & RW1
- 27-Oct-18

**Class cancellation**

9 3-Nov-18 Employee Turnover & Recruitment Analysis (with Reading Assignment 3) RC [EDW]-Chapter 6 & 7 AA3
10 10-Nov-18 Employee Performance & Monitoring the Impact of Interventions (with Reading Assignment 4) RC [EDW]-Chapter 8 & 9 AA4
11 17-Nov-18 Predicting Employee Turnover & Recruitment Analysis ST [EDW]-Chapter 6 & 7 WS2
12 17-Nov-18 Predicting Employee Performance and Recruitment Analytics ST [EDW]-Chapter 8 & 9 WS3, Assign PR2 and RW2
13 24-Nov-18 More advanced HR Analytics Techniques and Ethical Issues ST [EDW]-Chapter 11&12  
14 2-Dec-18 Research Presentation 2 & Paper#2 Submission ST& RC - PR2 and RW2

Note: The week with yellow shading refers the classes are moved to Sunday 1pm. 1pm


Grades will be based on points earned from examination, presentation, and attendance as follows:

Participation 10%
Classworks 40% Hands on Workshop (WS)-10%
Research Presentation (PR)-20%
Article Assignment (AR)-10%
Research Writing#1 (RW1) 25%
Research Writing#2 (RW2) 25%
Total 100%



All submitted works must be sent to Assignments will be graded on the +/ok/- scale, where + indicates excellent, ok indicates satisfactory, and - indicates needs improvement. Assignments will be given each selected class. Your solutions to these assignments are your way of telling the instructor about your mastery of this course.